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Thread: I keep smelling smoke

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    Patch Guest

    Default I keep smelling smoke

    Hi just wondered if anyone can help me out here, I'm always smelling cigarette smoke. No one in our house smokes and I don't even have friends that smoke but at least once a week I get a real smell of this smoke. I ask whom ever it is to take the smell away but it lingers for a good while.

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    ChicaMia Guest


    I don't mean to alarm you, but this is very consistent with many different types of seizures. I have partial abscent seizures and there are certain times that I smell cigarette smoke. For me the doctor is thinking they are cateminial seizures that happen before my period starts. Estrogen raises, progesterine lowers, but I have low progesterone anyways. So what happens is that the progesterone is going too low and it causes a seizure. (not pass out kind, just a deja vu type of feeling and I smell things that are not there)

    For the week before my period, sometimes two weeks before I will smell cigarette smoke all the time. No one here smokes and we don't live near anyone who smokes. I have to ask all the time because I never know if it is just me.

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    loungelizard Guest

    Default There is spirit around you

    This is most likely the spirit of a passed relative who smoked but is around you and you will smell it when they are present.
    I feel that it is a male presence around you. A younger male.
    Love and light to you

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    Patch Guest

    Default Smelling smoke

    Thanks for that, not sure if I know a young male that has past who smoked. My 15 year old daughter who is quite sensitive also smells it sometimes, not always at the same time. But quite often she will come and tell me our smoker is back.
    It seems to linger and really gets up my nose too which I'm not that thrilled about, my daughter has the same response with the smoke really getting up her nose..
    Not sure about the seizure thing as my daughter smells it too.
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    It sounds like a spirit to me as well. Alot of times we will get a smell of smoke. Either they smoked or use to before your knowledge of this. Ask around your family and see if anyone who has passed use to smoke.

    The only other thing that I can think of if it's someone who has passed who is around you and yours for a reason. Either it's their home or think it is. Try and do a cleansing of your house and yourselves. Ask for protection and cleansing and see if that helps.

    Love and blessings
    I love, I learn, I teach

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    loungelizard Guest


    it could be that the spirit of a person who lived in the house previously is around. Doesn't necessarily mean that you knew them. They could have lived there before you and passed away - not necessarily in the house- but their spirit is still around. In this case they generally think that they are still living there and you are an intruder in their house. Ask them to go to the light if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

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    Patch Guest

    Default Don't feel uncomfortable

    I don't feel uncomfortable when I smell the smoke just hate the smell of it. But it's not just when I'm in the house, I also smell it sometimes in the car or if we are visiting someone, even out shopping. Just random moments, so does that mean it's more likely to be someone I know or if it's someone connected to the property are they likely to follow the owner.

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    I agree with the others... its most probably a spirit coming to visit who was once a smoker...

    My sister had this problem and found out it was our grandmothers sister.. who we never got to meet.. she had died before we were born..

    my sister hates the smell haha...


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    Hey Patch! If you smell the smoke outside your house too, I guess you have someone protecting you (as you didn't mention anything negative ). It could be someone from your family or someone from your daughter's side (i.e her father's) watching over you'll? - I too feel its a male energy..wait a minute... he has a mustach and wears glasses... he is slim and tall... (I'm new at this but I just had a flash of image).. he smiles alot...he has an old fashion hat ... wears a vest...dark hair... I'm sure you can find out something about him... have you inheritated something lately?

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    Patch Guest

    Default Thanks Star Light

    That's very interesting, I was wondering if it was my husbands father who use to smoke before I met him. He loved smoking but had to give up.I always got on really well with him and have been told he is around me a lot. But there is also an old boyfriend of my sister's who use to spend a lot of time with our family who smoked, he had dark hair, lots of it and sometimes wore an old looking hat. That's really interesting, I guess whoever it is just wants me to know they are around. Just wish it was some nice aftershave smell instead of smoke.

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