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Thread: Scratching under my pillow

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    pajero Guest

    Default Scratching under my pillow

    Hello to you all, im new here and would like to ask has anyone ever experienced scratching under their pillow, its happened to me a couple of times now, i know it sounds weird but thats what i hear

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    hi pajero ! Funny you should mention this, I had a similar experience just yesterday. It wasn't exactly a scratching sound, but a sound like something under my pillow, or the mattress under it was moving. After I first noticed it, I kept very still making sure it was not me moving that was making the noise. It wasnt me ! No clue unless it was a visit from Spirit.

    and, no, there were no mice under the bed, lol !
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    serenade my soul with the music of your heart ♥

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    pajero Guest


    HA HA that thought crossed my mind too at the time, it sounded like long nails, my partner never heard it, my head was on the pillow and it sounded loud i my ear, it happened twice a couple of weeks ago, but not since. At least i know im not crazy hee hee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pajero View Post
    At least i know im not crazy hee hee.
    Well, I don't know you, so I am not sure about the not crazy part, hee hee - just teasing !

    I have heard when a person hears ringing in their ears or a buzzing sound, that they should say " I recognize your presence , what is it you want to tell me ? " and see what happens.

    ♥ Ariel
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    pajero Guest


    Thanks i get ringing & buzzing all the time, i,ll try this and see what happens. Its amazing when your on the forum you remember all sorts of things that have happened to you. I,ve just posted another experience see what you think ;-)

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    You're welcome, one more thing about the buzzing and ringing, if it gets too loud or is too fast, say " turn down the volume and make it slower please ".

    ok, going to check your other experience.
    serenade my soul with the music of your heart ♥

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