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Thread: Itchy Omens.....

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    Smile Itchy Omens.....

    Itchy Omens

    Crown of the head - Advance in position.

    Right cheek - Someone is speaking well of you.

    Left cheek - Slander is being spread about you.

    Right eye or eyebrow - Meeting with an old friend.

    Left eye or eyebrow - Great disappointment.

    Nose (inside) - Trouble and sorrow.

    Nose (outside) - You will be kissed, cursed, annoyed, or meet with a fool within the hour.

    Lips - Someone is talking about you with disrespect.

    Back of the neck - Illness of a relative.

    Right shoulder - A legacy

    Left shoulder - Sorrow.

    Right elbow - Pleasant and exciting news.

    Left elbow - Bad news and losses.

    Right palm - Much money.

    Left palm - You will pay a debt.

    Spine - Disappointments.

    Loins - Reconciliation after quarrels.

    Stomach - An invitation to dine.

    Thighs - Change of dwelling-place.

    Right knee - Happy journey.

    Left knee - Voyage beset with misfortune.

    Shins - Unpleasant surprise.

    Ankles - Marriage or increase of income

    Peace and Blessings

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    I always scratch my left palm does it mean i have to pay all my debt? j/k that was really interesting thanks for sharing!

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    sophia Guest


    this is neat..thanks for sharing i t

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    Cool I was wondering about these!! I posted a thread a while back on this too!

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Vicky Guest


    Uh oh I shouldn't have read this unless I had an itch because now I'm itchy all over

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    sadnessallover Guest



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