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    chakajo75 Guest

    Angry Flame Messages

    I was in class on thursday and was told that I have a gift for flame messages. I can't find anything on the internet about this. How the hell can I give someone a reading doing this? This sucks. Is this even a modality? I would like to have one of the cooler modalities. There is no way I can use this.


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    Could it be something to do with the sacred flame that I have read about, link below.

    Or sacred flame meditations.

    Sorry I cant be more help, but these things I had read about just came to me, maybe they will help you, maybe they wont. But best wishes on your special spiritual journey.

    God Bless.
    Give a smile to everyone you meet each day. A smile costs nothing, but it is worth a small fortune to the one who receives it.

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    Hi chakajo75, I've never heard of these types of readings but that doesn't mean they don't occur. It does remind me though of gazing into an open fire, and looking to see what you can see and relaying this.
    I would guess this would be more a psychic reading rather than being messages from spirit. My reason for this is flames cannot speak therefore they cannot prove life exists after physical death. Which to me is why someone would want to communicate with their guides for. Then again I cannot speak for everybody.
    I hope you manage to find out more.
    Skye xx

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    Mecca Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by chakajo75 View Post
    I was in class on thursday and was told that I have a gift for flame messages. I can't find anything on the internet about this. How the hell can I give someone a reading doing this? This sucks. Is this even a modality? I would like to have one of the cooler modalities. There is no way I can use this.

    Flame messages??? Thats a new one on me. The only other thing i can think of like the others said is scrying but with scrying fire is only the tool...

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    Was this given from your guides or someone in class? Reason I ask is that your guides may not want you to totally understand it but just go with the flow and look into all things related to this element. IF someone in your class said this there could be a misunderstanding in their symbols or explanations and this could also be your guide letting you find it on your own.

    Two things when I hear it......first is having someone write a message on paper and you put it over a fire or a candle and allow the smoke to deliver the messages. You will have to interpret what the symbols mean.

    Secondly, you either sit in front of a fire or candle whichever is convenient and read the flames. Not many do this but it's no uncommon either as many have been known to meditate while staring into flames.

    Don't give up in fact I'd be thrilled to hear this as it may be a way that you will be connecting but not neccessarily what you will always do.....once we develop and get better we can use other helpful tools.

    Love and blessings
    I love, I learn, I teach

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    sophia Guest


    another possibility beside candle or fire scrying is the subject of twin flames.

    you could have the ability to connect with each persons 12 possible twin flames

    here is a connection to flame scrying

    This sucks. Is this even a modality? I would like to have one of the cooler modalities. There is no way I can use this.
    the gifts that are given to us are blessigns and with this attitude you may just find you no longer have what was given..they do take offense and they do take them back or I should say block their use.

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    chakajo75 Guest


    They can have this, I would gladly give this back. I can't use this crap. My guides suck ass

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    Sweety, I'm hearing that you have a very rare gift. I also feel that you have a connection with fire. How many times have you sat around a camp fire or stared off into a candle and got lost in it? I don't think this is physical, something where you just look at a flame and BOOM you have all of this information. I feel this is your connection. For instance, the element that I seem most connected to , that brings out every part of my being, is water. I don't read water, but I often connect to it, listening to the sound of the pounding waves of the ocean up against the rocks eases something in me, and often it is at that point where I get my most inspiring information. hmm, also picking up "projection". I think you have a gift of projecting a large amount of energy towards certain things. This is simply a shot in the dark and some impressions that I am getting, but feel that fire is your way of grounding yourself, it is your release. If it's ok, I'd like you to try something. Light a candle at night, when you are alone. Put on some music that relaxes you. Lay there quietly and don't control your thoughts, let your mind wander aimlessly. Don't put a time limit on it, when your mind stops wandering or you are about to fall asleep, then end it. Write down some of things you saw, notice, more important how you felt afterwards. Fire is a very powerful element. Have you been looking for an outlet for your stress? Because I'm hearing that this is actually an answer to your prayers. Look past the mind, and deep into the soul, I'm hearing "soul gazer" fire is only a tool, your connection point. This dousn't mean that you will have to stare off into a candle everytime you do a reading, lol. Hmm, I', also thinking about another excercise to possible build the connection. Use caution when doing this though, (and only do this with a candle) After "connecting" or setting your mind loose for a few minutes, Set you hand about 4 inches higher than the flame (if it burns, go higher) and then "will" the flame to reach higher. Get it to go as high as possible without getting burned. Then move your hand to the left and "will' the flame to bend towards your hand. Then the right, ect. This may take a couple of tries, but do it when you are relaxed, if you get stressed out or give up , you block yourself.
    Again, I'm going soleing on the impressions I'm getting, because I have never even heard of what your intructor is talking about. But I am confident that you are connected to fire and that this is only the beginning. In order to be fully connected with your element, you must first understand it. I hope this helps. Let me know if any of this works for you. Hope this helps.

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    DMichelle Guest

    Default Definition of Flame Messages

    I wish I'd come across your original post earlier. I hope some day you return to find this answer.

    Flame messages are an example of Mediumship typically offered in a Spiritualist church or by those trained as Mediums through the church.

    To give a flame message you need a candle, a lighter and an index card. Light the candle and call in your guides, the angels, crossed over Spirits, God or any other being willing to come and operate in a setting of love with the highest intention for all involved. Hold the index card over the candle just high enough so that the soot from the flame shows up on the card, but not so close that the card gets singed or begins to burn.

    Without intent, move the card around as you feel directed. The less you focus on this part, the better the results will be. It's sometimes easier to do this if you don't look at the card/candle as you're moving it. If it helps, chat with the person receiving the reading (often referred to as the sitter). When you feel as if it's time to stop moving the card, do so.

    Turn the card over so the soot side is facing you and you'll see an image. Use your mediumship skills or intuition or psychic skills or whatever gift with which you're working to "read" the message in the card. Sometimes the image quickly resembles something that triggers the meaning of the message. Sometimes you may need to turn the card in different directions before the image and message become clear. You may see only one image or several. They may be the same size or you might have one large image and several smaller images (or vice versa). The images may be symbolic or may resemble a crossed-over loved one.

    I kept this explanation brief, just to give you a quick idea of what it is and how to begin using it. They are actually very fun to do and a nice way to connect with Spirit. Most sitters enjoy taking the index card home with them so that they have a tangible bit of evidence of the reading. Lightly spraying the soot side of the card will help "set" the image and may prevent it from smearing.

    If you'd like more information, please contact me. I've given a lot of flame messages and am still amazed at the clarity of the images and the accuracy of the readings.

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    DMichelle Guest

    Default Definition of Flame Messages

    (oops - omitted something) Use hairspray to spray the soot side of the card to set the image. If you spray it with water, the image will run and disappear.

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