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Thread: breaking bonds of attachment

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    Default breaking bonds of attachment

    hey guys

    i was wondering if any of you guys know how to do this properly? ive googled it but haven't found anything im comfortable with yet

    everything happens for a reason...just have faith...

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    Harmony Guest


    Do you mean like spirit attachments. have you heard of cutting cords, thats the only one i know of really. you just invision the cord that is tied between you & the other and cut it free. I've also heard that if ppl have had a negative effect on you you can look at them, one by one if need be and invision they're on a stage. then shine a white light on them and say i forgive you, i release you, or something along those lines.
    i'M Sure someone else will come along with a few more tips for you. xo

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    Angel, which bonds do you want to break and why?

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    Hey kris. A deep bond i share with a erm former friend. Things ended quite badly and we hav been in a somewhat abusive cycle 4 the past 2 years. I have finally put an end to that relationship but wish to break these bonds i still feel them.
    everything happens for a reason...just have faith...

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    Can you not just put an end to the abuse? Let time take care of the bond.

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    2 years hasnt gotten rid of the bond. Yes i have but i want to cut of this bond completely
    everything happens for a reason...just have faith...

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    Ok just my 2 cents Forgiveness to me is the best way to cut the bonds. You do not have to still be communicating with the person. ( I recommend you dont if it is abusive)

    Bring yourself to a neutral yet loving and comfortable envirment in a meditation. Sit down on a rock or something and imagine them walking to you with a string attached to both of you. State I forgive you for_________ then state I forgive myself for ____________

    Then imagine a magical cutting tool, it can be a scissor or a golden knife with gems.. and cut the string in one cut and imagine the both of you smiling as they drift away.

    I say also to forgive yourself becouse we dont always know if we actually did something, or simply becouse we allowed the abuse for what ever reason. (you know the saying it takes 1 to tango )

    This may not work the first time but if repeated for a few weeks or until you feel more comfortable you should be able to release it.

    exposing yourself to any abuse with this person will only keep the bonds stronger.
    If you cant just walk away you need to be able to forgive and truly accept them for who they are.. Knowing there actions will never change. Mentally keep very strong boundries.. meaning you will accept there abuse THAT IS NEVER A GOOD THING!

    I havent spoken to my brother in over 15 years... I have no intention to. BUT Everyday I pray that he and his family lives a happy healthy and prosperious life.

    I love my brother dearly, unfortinetly being around him and his family is extreamly negative, mental abuse, verbal abuse and his wife has gotten physical.

    The above IS NOT acceptable. No form of abuse is. It is not something I want my children to have to "adjust too" It is not something I want them to think is acceptable in there lives.

    I forgive them, and send them love, pray they have wonderful life..... Just not around me or my family

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    thanks smiles4u, i shall try it. the thing is, i have always been able 2 feel his emotions eg when he is upset etc. i still do but not as intensely. i want 2 get rid of this. we actualy used log in on im at the same time. i would wake up a few sec b4 he textd me etc. i can still feel connected 2 him
    everything happens for a reason...just have faith...

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    Take him off your buddy list What you dont know in this case will only help you

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    I used the cutting the cord method to cut a bond, I believe in AA Michael, so I asked him to cut the bonds with his sword between myself & an ex, but what Smiles4u said is good, it takes a few go's but if you believe it'll work & want it to work, it will.

    Now I'm trying to get help to cut the cord with me & my smoking

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