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    Quote Originally Posted by HeaVenS_AnGel View Post
    Thanks, your awesome with symbolisim am wondering though is there any meaning for lamas??? As in the animal lol i have had a few dreams where i have seen 2 white lamas.....
    A Llama in dream may associate with socialised impulses, feelings or sexuality. But Llama in it's country actually is a beast of burden. So it may mean hardiness. Llama is a gentle animal, so it may bring you the message of gentleness in your attitude
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    Hmmm interesting!! I know that i dream of animals quite abit, perhaps its the nature of the animal im ment to focus on?

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    Animals come to us in dreams as symbols. I do believe that the "totem" of a particular animal is meant to show us what we are going through, their strengths as well as their weaknesses.

    Keep a journal of them and what they mean.

    Here is a site I like to use
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    Ok thanks.....another question though, if an animal is appearing in the dream only when i dream of a particular person does that mean its a symbol for them?? That Llama for example only appears when i dream of a good friend of mine

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    Even though it is associated with a friend, a dream is always about the dreamer unless it's a premonition. And those you know right away. They are extremely clear.
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    Yeah thats very true, im still getting use to it though, alot of my dreams are clear though so its tough, for example i drempt of a car accident, i knew i wasnt in it but knew the roads, as i always dream of places i already know but it didnt stand out anymore than any than my others but the next day that same accident was on my drive home and traffic was understandably slow...... But im still learning i guess, lol, there are obvious symbols though lol llamas arent an everyday thing haha

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    Well sooo much soul searching to be done......i have so much to ponder, does it ever just get easy lol

    have decided to clean out some negativity and delve deeper into my own self to find what it is im truely looking for, ive found even in my dreams im still looking for something, problem is im not sure what it is only that ill know once ive found it.....hmmmm!!!!

    ive been having weird dreams of late, and i think it was to show my how in control i really am as the dream i had the night before last, i drempt twice in one night, only i remembered the out come of it the first time and when i drempt it again, i made sure i did things differently. Weird for me to dream the same thing twice in one night though.... :S

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    The subconscious mind often uses dreams to bring some feeling or situation to the attention of the conscious (waking) mind. So it can be enlightening to pay attention to any dream that repeats. There are lessons in waking life you need to attend to. It is also telling you, You can change your life, just as easy as you can change your dreams.
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    its actually funny that you should say that, i was talking with darlene (the lady i live with now) and she was talking to me about so many similarities we share and she said she was in the bath tub listening to a whole heap of music i had put on her ipod for her and she said she had to laugh that someone of my age would have the exact same taste in music as she does (she is 54) and she said she sees soooo much of her self in me as i am very much the same as her, and am doing things now that she did then when she was my age...we have the same set of morals and are both extremely giving people and she said to me that if she could pass on one bit of advice to me is that she wants me to learn from her and change it slightly as she knows in her self she gives too much and hates that people mistake her kindness as weakness and she doesnt want the same for me as its tiring and she is only now just learning to be able to take back (living here with her and having the same amount of giving, she has had to learn to take some back when it comes to me as i dont like taking either,only to give give give. and last night when she was telling me all this i was taken back to that dream i had and i automatically knew what it ment......and its exactly as you said, when i look at darlene im literally looking at my future, its astounding how alike we are, if you were to take 30 years off her you would have

    in the dream though, i was the only one in the dream to have seen what was going to happen but i was with 4 other people and we were all sitting in a room and i had my back to a door archway, in the next room was a book case, more like a room filled with books and we were all playing cards but then the earth shook and i remebered i was in front of a room filled with books but the house tilted and i couldnt get out of the way and the books all fell on me.....dream ended.
    Dream replays, same setting same events only my position has changed and when the earth starts shaking again, i got everyone out of the way we all moved up futher in the hallway so we all missed the books flying out at us, i get up and im now in a bedroom that looks similar to mine and im searching the closet for something, i know i have to find a girl....and this thing im looking for will help me to find her, as im looking im repeating in my head over and over ive gotta go find her. dream ends though cuz my alarm goes ya hate that)
    i have this weird thing where the dogs we have, i dont dream them as dogs, i dream them as people and i dont know why, not something that happens to me all the time but these two dogs i feel must have human souls in them as i only dream them as people, and im almost 100% that they were two of the four people with me in the dream......i think the lost girl is julie, she is darlenes partner and at the moment is struggling with hormonal changes and not having a thyroid doesnt help and so she hasnt been here for a long time........Anyways long story short i think in the dream ive seen what will happen, changed it but changed it for the others around me aswell.

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    Well i drepmt of a newborn baby again last night, changes changes changes lol my entire life is under reconstruction at the moment there is only one more corner of my life to change and then nothing that once was last year will be the same this year.... I was born under the year of the dragon and seeing as its my year im making this year all about me and everything that needs changing.....out with the old and in with the new as they say lol
    I know its a step in the right direction as my life is filled with song once more and ive had fluid images just waiting to be painted i feel freeeeeeee!!!!

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