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Thread: spirits from an in MIRRORS

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    sophia Guest

    Default spirits from an in MIRRORS

    Has anyone ever seen a spirt behind them in a mirror?

    Have you ever seen guide or other world being in a mirror?

    Do you believe it is possible for spirit to step through a mirror?

    Do you beleive they are portals ?

    Do you believe two mirrors placed opposite of each other traps a spirit between them?

    What are your thoughst in regard to how mirrors work and if any of the above is possible and if you have had any experiences with any of it.

    should be some good conversations generated on this ..

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    This is not about mirrors. Just thought I might tell the story as it is a bit close to it.One day I was chatting with my son on skype and when the conversation was over he send me a piture he took of me talking with a figure of jesus like figure behind me over my shoulder. I wish I had taken it seriously at that time, and wish I still have it to show you guys. It was so real. Could that ever happen????

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    sophia Guest


    of course it is more then possible...Jesus stands behind many of us a lot.

    OMG I would have loved to have seen it.

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    Wow, that would have been awesome to see! Too bad you don't still have it.

    As far as mirrors, I don't know if I believe they're portals or not. In a way, it sort of seems reasonable that they might be, but my common sense says they are solid physical objects and not openings to another realm.

    So I don't know. I do know that every now and then a mirror gives me a slightly creepy feeling, that I can't pin down to anything in particular.

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    sophia Guest


    I was sitting on my bed one afternoon several years least ten anyway.. and I had been meditating so had a candle lit sitting on chester drawers. Okay it was reflecting and I could sse it in the full length mirror.. I was in that still floaty space after meditating so just started staring at the candle in the mirror.. I wasched and a halo started goigng around it . Now at this time I did not have much info in my head and not enough sense to think anything might or even coudld happen.

    It was for me like watching a fireplace pop and crack and the flames go up and down. It becomes almost mesmerizing.

    Okay I watched this halo around the flame until it turned purple and was circling the flame in the mirror.. I thought how cool is that. It after awhile turned red and did one full turn and I'll be danged if a being about 2 inches tall ..dressed all in black and had a cape around them stepped through that dang mirror..

    Well like I said it was years ago and I did not know as much and I was more in awe of what i was seeing then scared

    In front of the mirror is small bench I sat on to do my makeup. Okay this little creature/man stepped through..jumped down onto the stool then jumped down to the floor and ran and I mean ran under my bed.

    OMG I was leaning off my bed almost falling off it watching it run.

    Okay never for a second felt frightened.. Was actually stupid enough at the time to actually giggle. I mean who would ever expect a little fellow to jump out their mirror..
    So being the foolish femalw I was a few hours later got ready for bed and went to bed..
    Well I was awakened by the feeling fof an entire human/being/whatever laying on top of me .

    Holy Mother of whoever I was pressed flat down I tried to struggle but ya ever tried to fight what you cannot see.

    So did have enough spiritual knowledge to after a bit of fighting the thing hollered for help . The very second I hollered for AA Michael or Jesus I felt it literally jerked off me.

    Lets jusst ay I was not all right the remainder of the night.

    Now I never ever place a candle near a mirror nor get mesmerized by a candle flickering..never again.

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    Very interesting Sophia. I don't remember where , but if you look your face in the mirror for more than 1-2 minutes it will dissappear its awesome to see your surrounding without your face.

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    sophia Guest


    Yes you sit in front of the mirror..BUT it shoudl eb a BLACK backed is a tool for divination


    seriously need black mirror to divine with but what you are thinkin gof can be done with regular mirror

    sit in front of your mirror
    find a focal point forehead , end of nose etc
    pick a spot or look just at edge of your face
    slightly unfocus and stare for as long as you can to the spot
    the less you blink the better

    takes more then a minute or two

    I have had my face age 100's of years
    once had a past life face I THINK anyway appear
    and have had my star self appear..

    the trick is to stay focusesd and be able to see your face morph into different beings and not freeek out at same time lol

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    Little man could have been some sort of elemental.
    I ask a lot of questions.
    I'll challenge your point.
    Then I'll bake you something yummy and
    we'll watch a hockey game while bellydancing to metal.

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