p align="left"font face="Book Antiqua"font "330099"strongufont size="5"Goddess Correspondence StonesfontustrongThis
is my correspondence list for Goddess stones. What do I mean by this?
These are the stones I use as a representation of the Goddesses in
Magickal workings. I have included a number of well-known Goddesses and
my personal correspondence stone or stones for each of them. You might
find some crossovers; most Goddesses will have more than one stone, and
this is okay. The Goddesses are in alphabetical order.I set
myself this task of creating the Goddess correspondence stones as a way
of reading more about the individual Goddesses and thinking about them.
I was already well-versed in the healing properties of crystals and
gemstones and wanted to do some more work on their magickal aspects
without resorting to other people's books. I found this a really nice
way to learn more about the many aspects of the Goddess and the stones.I'd
be really happy to hear from anyone who has done some similar work. I
am happy to talk about the reasons why I have chosen certain stones for
certain Goddesses. I really hope you find this useful.fontfontp pa target="_top" name="Aditi"strongfont "330099" face="Book Antiqua"Aditifontstrongafont "330099"font face="Book Antiqua" - Crocoite, Red JasperbAphroditeb - Rose Quartz, Garnet, Smoky QuartzbAmaterasub - Fire Agate, Pyrite, SunstonebAriadneb - Angelite, Blue Apatite, Lapis Lazuli, SodalitebArianrhodb - Aquamarine, MoonstonebArtemisb - Quartz Crystal, GarnetbAsherahb - Boji Stone, Epidote, Staurolite, Alexandrite, Charoite, UnakitebAstarteb - Rose Quartz, Garnet, Smoky Quartz, Fire Agate, a dish of red and white stonesbAthenab - Green Apophylite, Red Calcite, Aragonite, Seleniteba target="_top" name="Baba"Babaa Yagab - Amazonite, Chiastolite, Prase, ScapolitebBastb - Fire Agate, Pyrite, Sunstone, Agate, Jasper, Lapis LazulibBaubob - Boji Stone, Larimar, ObsidianbBlodeweddb - Amazonite, Carnelian, Chrysocolla, Citrine, EpidotebBranwenb - Rose Quartz, Green Apophylite, AquamarinebBrigidb - Gold, Angelite, Lapis Lazuli, Sodaliteba target="_top" name="Cailleach"Cailleachab - Quartz Crystal, Laadorite, Stones from the beach or river, or dug from the gardenbCeresb - Angelite, Sodalite, Amethyst, Bloodstone, SelenitebCerridwenb - Aquamarine, Alexandrite, Charoite, UnakitebCybeleb - Boji Stone, Epidote, Staurolite, Red Quartz, a dish of earthy coloured stones or stones dug from the gardenba target="_top" name="Dakini"Dakiniab - Garnet, Boji Stone, AmazonitebDemeterb - Crocoite, Red Jasper, Boji Stone, Moss Agate, Green FluoritebDevib - Garnet, Prase, Smoky QuartzbDurgab - Larimar, Yellow Apatite, Carnelianba target="_top" name="Ereskigal"Ereskigalab - Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Lapis LazulibEzili-Freda-Dahomeyb - Garnet, Pearlsba target="_top" name="Fortuna"Fortunaab - Citrine, PyritebFreyab - Scapolite, Crocoite, Red Jasperba target="_top" name="Gaia"Gaiaab
- All stones are from the earth, so use any you wish. I like to place a
small dish of assorted stones on the altar to represent Gaia, the Earthba target="_top" name="Hathor"Hathorab - Boji Stone, a dish of ightly coloured stones (yellow, orange, green etc), Blue Lace Agate, Black Star Diopside, ObsidianbHebeb - Agate, Angelite, Bloodstone, Green Diopside, Hematite, Yellow JasperbHecateb - Dark stones such as Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Black ObsidianbHestiab - Fire Agate, Ruby, Sulphur, Tiger EyebHokkmahb - Larimar, Topazba target="_top" name="Inanna"Inannaab - Amber, Kunzite, Obsidian, LaadoritebIshtarb - Quartz Crystal, Moonstone, GarnetbIsisb - Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli, Malachiteba target="_top" name="Juno"Junoab - Garnet, Boji Stone, Carnelian, Chrysocolla, CitrinebJuventasb - Green Aventurine, Bloodstoneba target="_top" name="Kali"Kaliab - Black stones, especially Black Obsidian, Fire Agate, Sulphur, Alexandrite, Charoite, UnakitebKoreb - Air magick stones such as Amber, Celestite, Herkimer Diamond, SodalitebKuan-Yinb (aka Quan Yin and Kwannon) - Rose Quartz, Selenite, Quartz Crystal, Rutilated Quartz, TopazbKunapipib - At least one stone from Australia. I generally use a small dish of Australian stones in earthy colours.ba target="_top" name="Lady"Ladya of the Beastsb - Quartz CrystalbLakshmib - Citrine, Gold, Silver, Diamond, precious stonesbLilithb - Garnet, Smoky Quartzba target="_top" name="Maat"Maatab - Diamond, Quartz CrystalbMetisb - Boji Stone, LarimarbMinervab - Kunzite, Mica, FluoritebMorganb - Larimar, Aquamarine, Blue Calcite, White Coral, Moonstone, MorganitebMorriganb - Scapolite, Amber, Kunzite, Obsidian, MorganitebThe Musesb - Aquamarine, Blue Apatite, Blue Lace Agateba target="_top" name="Nephthys"Nephthysab - Amazonite, Chiastolite, ScapolitebNutb - Amber, Celestite, Herkimer Diamond, Sodaliteba target="_top" name="Oshun"Oshunab - White Coral, Watermelon Tourmaline, Blue Calcite, Aquamarine, CopperbOstarab (aka Eostre) - Pyrite, Sunstone, PrasebOyab - Dark red stones (such as Ruby, garnet, Red Jasper)ba target="_top" name="Parvati"Parvatiab - Crazy lace Agate, Honey Calcite, Ruby, Rutilated QuartzbPeleb - Fire Agate, Ruby, Sulphur, Tiger Eye, Tiger IronbPersephoneb - Pink Tourmaline, Sugiliteba target="_top" name="Qadesh"Qadeshab - Garnetba target="_top" name="Radha"Radhaab - Rose Quartz, CassiteritebRheab - Moss AgatebRhiannonb - Danburite, Sapphire, Howlite, Jadeba target="_top" name="Sarasvati"Sarasvatiab - Aquamarine, Blue Calcite, White Coral, Watermelon Tourmaline, FluoritebSekhmetb - Fire Agate, Sunstone, PyritebSeleneb - MoonstonebShekinahb - Fluorite (I like to use a small Fluorite sphere but any Fluorite will be fine)bShulamitb - Blue ApatitebSophiab - Fluorite (especially purple and blue)ba target="_top" name="Tanit"Tanitab - Sunstone and Moonstone (together if possible)bTarab - Ametrine, Orange Aventurine, Gem Silica, ChrysocollabThemisb - Boji Stone, Chrysocolla, Jade, Citrine, EpidotebTiamatb - Aquamarineba target="_top" name="Urvasi"Urvasiab - Garnet, Aquamarineba target="_top" name="Venus"Venusab - Any large stone near a tree, Garnet, Rose QuartzbVestab - Fire Agate, Opalba target="_top" name="Yemaya"YemayaaYmojab - Aquamarine, CoralbYhib - Angelite, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Australian stones, Epidoteba target="_top" name="Zirna"Zirnaab - Moonstone, Rose Quartzfontfontp