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Thread: The way in which Spirit Guides contact us

  1. Default The way in which Spirit Guides contact us

    Spirits Give you answers in many ways.

    There are many ways in which our guides and angels contact us. We don't always hear them calling our names or talking to us like our friends do. This is mainly because of the viation energy of the spirits. They have much higher viations than we do. So it becomes really hard at times to hear when our guides are talking to us. meditation is one of the best ways to increase your viation frequency. When we raise our viation and open wholeheartedly to our guides, we can begin sensing some "weird" things happening.

    Hearing a song or a word over and over, seeing the same numbernumber sequence everywhere and every time, hearing some unclear voices, seeing different things in bits n pieces that don't really make sense first and having weird dreams are some of the common experiences when we choose to raise our frequency level.

    It is very important to remember that Spirits guides like to show their presence by touch. A pressure on top of your head. A sensation on the left side of the body or face. These are some of the hints they give us that they're there. They try very hard to reach us and make us "listen" to them...but we don't really usually hear them. So how do they contact us?

    Every time we ask a question we do receive an answer. It might not be a real quick answer but we do get answers. Spirits usually talk to us telepathically or answer us through Clairvoyance.

    But if they feel we aren't yet ready for a telepathic or Clairvoyant answer or haven't been to cooperative that way, they might choose to answer us in many other ways- give us hints about what to expectwhat do donot to do and answer our situations.

    The first song you get up to in the morning could be talking about your current situation...the question you asked and maybe telling you what to do and not do.

    You might see a number or a number sequence every time and everywhere.

    You could overhear friends talking about a certain situation that is almost exactly like yours or answers your questions.
    You turn on the TV and a show or a song or even anything else "accidentally" is just like what you're going through and answers your questions.

    You might also see the answer in a dream. You might not see yourself but someone else going through the problem and uses certain techniques to get out of it.
    You read the newspaper or a book and something answers your questions.

    Animals also help our guides reach us and answer our questions. You might be so very unsure about your partner's faithfulness in a relationship and see a dog in your dream..

    Guides also use various methods to show you omens like lets say you're very unsure if you want to visit your friend on her birthday who lives out of the city or stay with your mom who isn't really feeling well. And after thinking a LOT you decide you'll join your friend but as you drive home that night all the lights are red..and seem to stay red forever. This could be a sign of watch out what you're doing. Or, also could say slow down and think carefully.

    There are almost countless ways guides reach us. I was just providing some basic methods above. My guides mainly like the songs and the dreams or clairvoyancetelepathy ..they know I cant ignore those.

    Not every thing you hear or see will be a sign but being open and accepting without "expecting the answer you want" will certainly help you build a strong communication with your guides. In time these signs will become more clearer to you. Just be open and accept the answers you get!

    May the white light protect you and guide you.

    ~Pili kau, Pili ho'oilo~
    Together in the dry season, together in the wet season

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    Cherry3664 Guest

    Default spirit guides

    Hi Mystic.I have on many occasions woken up to the sound of someone calling my name, seemed weird when i am alone in the house, is this a spirit guide or is it a mind thing. It is very clear and it seems to be a male voice. Thank youCherry

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    Hi Cherry

    Is there any paticular time that this happens to you. Like when you are not doing well, when you have asked for guidance or right before something important? I am asking this because spirit guides often do that! We also hear voices from deceased there anyone you can think of? If this is happening too often and right when you get up or it actually wakes you up, I'd say, it must be a spirit! either a deceased relative or a spirit guide! This is because when we sleep, we are of course the most relaxed and our mind doesn't usually play games on us...and plus, it is easier for spirits and guides to contact us thru our sleep or right after our sleep!!!
    Please let me know if you have more questions
    Love ya

    Pili kau, pili ho`oilo.
    Together in the dry season, together in the wet season

    Follow Your Bliss

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    Cherry3664 Guest


    Hi Mystic,
    How are you, thanks for your reply, and i must say i should have but dont really think i took too much notice, I do know it happened a lot in the last place i lived in and only once since living here, have been here 12 months. I felt as though the name being called woke me up and that in the past 8 years i have been through a lot so lol what it is related to i dont know. I used to think the old place was haunted as it is only recently that it happened here so lol i would just be guessing. Would it be too much to ask for you to do a tarot reading on this, i do tarot cards but hey im doing the course for a reason, Im so giggleing over this comment lol love and light and many thanks Cherry

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    Zedekiah Guest


    I never contacted my spirit guided, or infacttried to.They contacted me when it was my time to start development. I had considered my development along the way.I had started meditation to deal with some anxiety attacks and deal with a rough time I was going through in my life.Two things happened that lead me to a mediumship direction.The first and most significant was, I saw my grandmother come from spirit in a beautiful golden light. I wasnt at all afraid of this and I thought to myself if this is spiritual contact then it is a beautiful experience.Secondly in a meditation, my main message bearing guide took me by the hand and showed me what could be possible working with spirit.I truely belive that this was divine intervention.Blessings.Zed

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    Moving this up as well as it is helpful. Hope all enjoy.

    Love and blessings
    I love, I learn, I teach

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    Yes, these are important things to remember.

    To catch them, practice living in the moment.

    With awareness brings responsibility.

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    superslug Guest


    For me it was during a particularly intense hot yoga class. I had sensed the presence in previous days of a spirit lingering around me. I knew who it was from a brief encounter earlier in my life, and we had unfinished business. I tried sending as much positive energy to her as I could, signaling to her that I was ready to let it go and she could move on.

    That's when I started hearing her in my mind.

    It was two days before I could bring myself to talk to anyone about it, and several months before I decided I wasn't insane for hearing her. I tried telling my mother about her, but now my mother thinks I'm nuts.

    I don't dare tell her about making contact with four other guides!

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    Yeah, I don't think you're insane. For me, the difference between insanity and enlightenment is the difference between darkness and light.

    Also in my opinion, choosing to remain blind is a form of insanity.

    Hm... maybe I should start a thread on the Annie Dillard choosing to remain blind motif...
    In the land I come from the Sun is Dark, and one must be industrious in order to survive.

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    superslug Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Sun View Post
    Yeah, I don't think you're insane.
    You just made my morning! Thank you!

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