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Thread: when dead relatives visit???

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    Default when dead relatives visit???

    i had a medium friend say that when your loved ones passover that thay never return?
    i had a visit from my grand mother who has been dead about 17 years , i got the smells and the images an fellings about her but it made me think that maybe my guieds gave me that , that thay manafactured these images for me by useing my own thoughts. i could see a light figure in front of me witch made me think that she was there. or , did my guieds do this to ?
    if somebody has an idear about this i would like to hear from them.

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    You posed a good question and one I have never seen here. These are my thoughts, could our angels/ quides manifest something like this, perhaps but I do not think that they would as even though it would be of good intent, it boarders on trickery, not pure truth. I believe our guides/angels are governed by guidlines of the highest order. Could your mind manifest these, I have no doubt but the question that will answer your question is what does your heart say. I believe your grandmother was there.

    Here is something to ponder, the sense of smell is the most powerful of the 5 senses to bring forth memory but I think triing to actually recall an oder that is not there is difficult. when we recall a sense of smell, we are recalling the memory of the reaction to the scent or oder, not the actual scent.

    Many have had visits such as yours (myself included) and it brings great comfort. Enjoy this gift however it came about.

    may all your messages be this clear

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    picklepaws Guest


    They can, and do return. It would seem very deceptive for a angel/guide to pretend to be your grandmother.

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    Default hi tinkerbell

    i never thought of it like that , it is energy of the highest order.and my hart did say that it was her ,i was just pondering the thoughts of how it all works
    the smells are incedible,some of them are like,,
    "wrap you up in cotton and hug you to bits" thanks for that,

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    Default picklepaws

    year , thats what i thought.

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    My belief is that those who cross over can come and go as they please. I was told by a psychic also that my son doesn't miss out on anything- birthdays, christmas, get togethers.

    I always say, believe what you have to so that you can get through life. Whether others believe it's true or not, as long as it helps you and makes you feel better, then go right ahead and believe it. Screw everyone else.

    ~Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult. ~ Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional ~
    ~ Hard work never killed anybody, but why take the chance ~ A day without sunshine is, like, night ~
    ~ Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in his shoes. That way if he gets angry, he`ll be a mile away -- and barefoot. ~

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    You can also call them to come over, Call out to them in your mind, or get one of there items with there energy on it and they will come if im doing a reading relatives almost always appear :P

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    deerfield Guest


    my mom was dead about 14 years when she came to tell me my dad was going to die...
    and sure enough.......he died when she said he was going to
    after my dad died.....he came often to help me through it
    when i was 8 my nonna (grandmother) came..... she had been dead 16 years.....
    so i would say....i have to respectfully disagree


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    Smile When Dead relatives visit

    I bought a book by Syliva Brown, I recommand that you buy this book, it may help to answer some of your questions, because it is about the after life & the spirit world. I know it helped me to not be scared of my visits.
    The Book is called : VISITS FROM THE AFTERLIFE.
    Good luck

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    Default thanks, i will look for it

    cheers ,

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