Prayer to the Four Winds

Great Spirit, I invoke the peace pipe in reverence and gratitude of thy vast

creation, of which I am part. To the life-giving of thy servant, the sun and

all heavenly bodies, the blue sky, the great ever-lasting rocks, the

magnificent mountains with their fragrant forest, pure streams and the

animal kingdom. We thank thee for all these gifts.

To the North and its guard, the White Eagle:

"Keep us pure and clean of mind, thoughts as white as thy blanket, the

snow. Make us hardy."

To the East and thy sentry, the Red Eagle:

"Grant us light that we may see our faults, and have better understanding

with everyone."

To the South, and thy sentinel, Brown Eagle:

"The beautiful one, grant us warmth of heart, love and kindness to all."

To the West and the Thunder Bird:

"Who flies over the universe hidden in a cloak of Rain clouds and cleanses

the world of filth, cleanse our bodies and souls of all evil things.

To Mother Earth, we come from thee and will return to thee, keep us in plenty

that our days may be long with thee, Great Spirit we thank thee and

appreciate all these wonderful gifts to us. Have pity on us.

Prayer found on a signpost at Bear Butte, Black Hills, South Dakota. Quoted in the book: "Sacred Places in North America - A Journey into the Medicine Wheel" by Courtney Milne.)