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Thread: Seeing colors while meditating ( long)

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    Dreambird Guest

    Red face Seeing colors while meditating ( long)

    Hi, I am new to these forums and I have a question. I have been meditating for about 3 months now and until today, never saw anything but the dark.
    Today though, I saw a navy blue "ball" that started out small and almost seemed to "breathe" would get a little bigger and then shrink back down.
    I thought maybe I was doing it somehow by my own breathing, but then I held my breath. It continued to do that!
    I sat watching this ball of color for about 15 minutes and it would just sort of go in slow circles, get bigger and bigger and then change colors. It turned into this deep purple that had "sparkles" in it. Very pretty!
    And then the background went to a deep sea green. Just huge swirls.
    Wow, I will never forget this!
    So what do the colors mean though? Am I supposed to be seeing a face? And what does it mean that I saw this today?
    Just for some background- I have been trying to develop my senses. As it is now, I have been hearing things like...the doorbell ring really loud and when I get to the door, no one is there. Or the telephone will ring and LOUD ( we have no phones in our bedroom) and no one is on the phone.
    I have also been asleep and heard a child say RIGHT in my ear, "Mommy? Mom?"
    stuff like that.
    My mom passed away 2 yrs ago and we hear footsteps in the house and I have felt someone climb into bed with me a few months ago.
    So I am trying to become more "aware". Thanks for any insight.

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    Smile hi,

    i think what you are seeing in your meditation is your mother , i get the same thing,if you meditait more on this and talk to her you will see facial feachers,just let it happen, you might even see your guides floating about.
    ask if there is any thing that thay can show you,
    it sounds like your mother is very much around, why do i see her as a busey woman, running about the kitchen, getting things ready? theres lot of light about her and the colour green???
    send her lots of love and warm feelings, there might be somthing that you can do for her, was she a teacher?
    the gears are rusty, keep meditating, and put your true love into it your mum was quite popular wasent she??
    you should be able to just close your eyes and see them around you??
    <span style=font-family: System>daydream</span>

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    Dreambird Guest


    Hi! My mom wasn't a teacher, like in a school setting but she had her own business and would often "teach' to other people coming on board. That and she raised 5 kids, lol.
    Yes, she was very popular- had lots of friends from all walks of life. She loved people! Your description of her is right- she was forever in the kitchen... loved to organize and have "everything in it's place" type of woman.
    She also loved being outdoors in her gardens. Is that the color green you see? Mom was full of life.
    Other people have also told me that she radiates immense light around her.

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    Default morning,

    its funny how you can offer advice to somone and end up making a conection with them???
    when you mum showed herself i also got a couple wifts of perfume , just light ones. the colour green that is around her, as iv`e found out working with others can mean teaching,any thing to do with passing on knowlage, the colour could be apart of you, meaning spirtual advancement that both of you are going though,
    one thing that you could try is working on your 3rd eye activation, have a look on the net for sites about it and try mirror gazeing, you might find this to be helpfull , light and love to both of you
    <span style=font-family: System>daydream</span>

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    Dreambird Guest


    Ok, thanks! I just love when people take the exta second to offer me suggestions like that!
    Oh, I have smelled Mom's perfume a few times heer in my house. She used to wear "White Shoulders" and I will smell that at times.

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    Default your mom popped in again--

    and she appairs to be happy, standing in the kitchen with her hands on her hips like shes finished doing something, every thing is glowing, and she has her sleves rolled up,very proud,

    i get the impression that things have picked up a bit over the last few days??very happy, ,, i think shes very happy that you have made a conection with her, or, that you are on the right track with her
    i just thought you would like to know,
    <span style=font-family: System>daydream</span>

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    patina Guest


    Hi, I just read your post. Isn't the light show wonderful? I have been meditating on a regular basis for almost a year now and always see colors kind of as you describe. Sometimes swirls, sometimes a few 'blasts' of color and then a glowing orb that is red with a a yellow ring or a bright yellow. Facial features were for a long time blocked out by that bright yellow, but now I see features. I so love the experience; the light show makes me feel good.

    Being new to this forum and just read your post from last fall; have your images changed at all through practice?

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    I remember a psychic told me I had a guide named Mikael...a few days after the reading I had an OBE and asked for my guide (Mikael) and I ended in sleep paralysis. In front of me I saw these pretty colors swirling in the air and it seemed alive. It was really nice.

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    I love those colours, pink has now started to creep into mine, and occassionally there are starbursts of colours. But mainly it is purple, green and blue. You explained beautifully the experience I have been having whilst meditating.


  10. Default Seeing colours while meditating

    Hi DreamBird,

    I believe this experience that you had while meditating was an experience for yourself the purple would be the awakening of your third eye chakra which is your psychic awakening the deep sea green to me would be for healing of your heart area and of love. Now I do believe your mum is around you very much so but on this occasion during your meditation it was your own personal experience for you.


    Love and Light Louise
    Be careful when entertaining strangers, for by doing so, many have entertained angels unawares."
    (The Apostle Paul)

    What if you slept,
    and what if you dreamed,
    and what if in your dream you went to heaven,
    and there you plucked a strange and beautiful flower,
    and what if when you awoke you had the flower in your hand?
    Oh, what then.
    (Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

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