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Thread: Do you see people and faces on trees?

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    Default Do you see people and faces on trees?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering whether you too are seeing faces on trees and not only. It is so strange I can see them nearly everywhere, carpets, walls, trees, clouds, etc. I am not implying that they are real but it's just interesting how some people's psyche have the ability to see them.
    Here is one of the faces I have spotted on a tree in the woods I often go for a walk to.
    His eyes are quite distinguishable and it looks like he is wearing a long robe . I think he's got a moustache too
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    I do the same thing. I used to think it was really something, but after researching the paranormal I learned it's called matrixing (or pareidolia). The definition according to Wikipedia is this:

    A psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant. Common examples include images of animals or faces in clouds, the man in the moon, and hidden messages on records played in reverse.
    Even if it isn't as significant as I thought, it is still kinda neat!

    And your picture, when I looked I saw him instantly. Looks like an old man kinda hunched over facing the left.

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    albajane Guest


    Yeh! I see faces all the time too....I think its because we`re searching for something that brings them out /or we know they should be there ......can`t really explain it very well lol

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    Gena Loraina Guest


    I've also done this since I was a child and I'm glad to see that I'm not alone. I also see people right before I go to sleep.


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    If ever there was a face to match a tree, the face in your picture is it. Just beautiful. The eyes hold so much wisdom.

    There is a suggestion of a second face above the old man. looks like he or she is peeking out of a knot hole and just the nose is very distiguishable.

    I also see faces; most often in clouds, rocks, and stones.

    may all your messages be this clear

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    Harmony Guest


    I see it. I saw a face on a sofa I once I owned. I was in a very bad state of mind at the time many years ago but the face to me looked like a man that resembles Jesus and it brought me such comfort. I still have the sofa at mums and I still see it there. It definately isn't as real like looking as the face on the tree though.

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    Neat, Made me think of the Green Man. I as well see faces in many objects and places. It's interesting how when we take time to notice things how they become apparent. I like to think of seeing faces and bodies as my angels reminding me they are around at all times keeping watch over me

    Thanks for sharing
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    Oh my I see things like that ALL the time, it doesnt matter what I look at I can see people or animals...

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    What a great response! It's lovely that so many of you have the same experiences too! Here is another one on a tree. This man is whistling, has quite long fringe which covers one of his eyes!
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    I like the pics you take. I never thought to take pics of faces in trees. I see the whisteling man as well as a face with a pointy head and crooked mouth
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