Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is a powerful way to get in touch with your subconscious and change your life for the better. Through hypnosis you can eliminate bad habits, become more productive, manage pain, sleep better and improve your life in a positive way. When you learn how to hypnotize yourself, you’ll be able to open your subconscious mind for suggestion whenever you want.

Hypnosis is kind of like meditation but where the goal of meditation is to clear the mind, the goal of hypnosis is to implant affirmations or suggestions in the mind. The first thing you want to do is identify a problem you need to work on. Let’s say you want to eat better and thus lose some weight. You’ll want to come up with some affirmations or suggestions for your subconscious. Here, you want to be careful that your affirmations are positive not negative. So you would want to think something like “I eat nutritious meals in appropriate portions” instead of “I won’t overeat”. The subconscious mind can’t really differentiate a negative from a positive so always make your affirmations state what you do want not what you don’t want.

The process of self hypnosis is rather simple as Michael Carthy said, but you may need to practice it a bit before you get good at it. Some people have results right away while others might take a few tries – don’t worry though it is so much fun that you won’t mind doing it every day and when you get really good at it you’ll be able to hypnotize yourself almost anywhere and at any time!

The first thing you need to do is to get into a relaxed state. Make sure you choose a place and time where you will not be interrupted or distracted. Get comfortable and relax your body. Easier said than done, isn’t it? This gets easier with practice, but try to just let everything go. You might want to focus on one part of your body at a time starting at your feet and tense and relax the muscles until your entire body is relaxed. Check our article out on weight loss hypnosis for some information on losing weight.

Once you are relaxed, you want to get into a hypnotic state. What does this feel like? Well, it’s really different for everyone but you will know it when you are in it. The trick is that you can’t be on the lookout for it or it will never happen! You might try counting down, just like they do in the movies. Count to yourself slowly and breathe deeply.

Once you have yourself in a hypnotic state (no, you will not be unconscious!) you can start with the suggestions that you came up with above. Repeat the suggestions or affirmations in your head (not out loud). Another thing that is very powerful is to use images – picture yourself eating healthy foods and being thin.

The final part of self hypnosis is ending the session. Here you can gradually come out of your hypnotic state – just like in the movies you can say tell yourself you will be fully awake and aware at the count of 3. You can really do anything you like at this stage, even fall asleep if you are doing it at bedtime. Just be sure to let your mind know that the hypnosis session is over.

Debbie Mitchelle